Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A rush of adrenaline

I want to devote my first post to one of the most important milestones in the SAFe practice: the PI demo (also known as System demo).

PI stands for Product Increment, and although it clearly relates to each new package of the software that incrementally and steadily keeps making up the application being developed by the scrum team, it also refers to the regular period in which such new packages are released. You can think of it as a super sprint, with its specific planning and wrapping up ceremonies.

In our company we currently stick to a period of a quarter, and last week we could experience the opportunity to share our first Product Increment with the rest of the agile teams involved in our SAFe portfolio. The ceremony was just a kind of rehearsal, previous to the marketing of the application, where the team had to demo the new features developed during the last three months.

I cannot wait for the pilot of our application with clients to kick off, a release scheduled for the next two weeks, but believe me: in the meantime, there are not many rewards to the effort and involvement invested by the team during 5 or 6 sprints than the appreciation of your own colleagues for a well done job.

A major rush of adrenaline!

PS By the way, a very convenient mood for the task to come inmediately after the PI demo: the next PI planning, but this topic deserves its particular post ;)

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