Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keeping pace with the business team

The PI planning (a.k.a., Release planning) session is a significant ceremony in the Scale Agile Framework (SAFe) that plays a key role as a clutch between the long-term, strategic goals and the short-term, sprint-paced deliveries, providing a framework for the Scrum to prioritize the features that will be released in a medium-term period (usually several months). But probably you already knew this, right? ;)

Well, let me make my case today: that important ceremony might provide you also with a new opportunity to fix/improve one of the most crucial aspects of the scrum development: how to match the pace of the business crew (product owner, business analysts and others) with the production capacity of the developers team.

Software development always occurs once requirements definition is done (remember the DoR?) and definition is clearly a business team's responsability; but software roll-out is usually followed by the monitoring of the clients response, another business team's responsability. These interrelations suggest that you should plan your PI in such a way that definition and monitoring outperforms development.

In other words, during the PI planning you want to ensure the business guys will keep a healthy pace on doing their preparation tasks -business plans, groomings, DoR's...- for the features to come during the new Program Increment... even though the eventual development rhythm goes slower than what  the development team could do!

PS Over time, I hope you and me will find the equation to optimize the resources in both, the business and the technical sides of the Scrum. Any ideas?

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