Friday, May 8, 2015

Your first release? Be prepared!

The Agile Release Train has past for the first time in our organization and we have succeeded in getting aboard on time (so yes!, if you are a BBVA client in Spain, our fantastic new tool to help you keep in touch with your financial advisor will be available on your PC and smartphone very soon, just after a short pilot phase).

Therefore, I can say we were pretty well prepared for all the tasks involved in the release process: we had been able to plan in advance most of those activities, even though we were not very conscious of the detailed degree of coordination required between us and the cross teams (release managers, channel managers, devops, quality engineers...) by the end of the PI. And fortunately such tasks could be carried out by the team during the last sprints of our PI in a wise combination with the incremental addition of new functional features.

In contrast, now we have suddenly found ourselves facing an uncertain future: we can expect (and maybe estimate, but only to some extent) a certain amount of (re)work to be done during this second PI as a result of potential defects; besides, we can also expect some improvements that might come up from the feedback of the early users. But all in all, we cannot either predict or mitigate the final impact of these risks in the final delivery of our current PI.

That's said, I tend to agree that Agile provides you with the most reasonable solution: since the throughput of your team is finite, just add the new stories to the backlog and reprioritize it keeping in mind the value return of each item.

Then, why do I feel less comfortable, less confident than I did at the beginning of the former PI?!!!

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